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Departments Of Radiology

Departments Of Radiology

Dual slice Siemens helical CT Scan system serves round the clock for both elective and emergency scans. CT guided interventional procedures are performed with accuracy and enhanced patient safety.

Conventional equipments include portable and fixed high frequency X-ray machines, while imaging is done by computerized radiography (CR - Fuji system).

Ultra Sound equipment include portable, point of case as well as fixed equipments for multi purpose scanning ; serial ultra sound studies in ICU and focused abdominal sonography in trauma (fast) are fundamental to emergency and critical care practice in the hospital.

Routine outpatient radiology includes obstetric and fetal ultra sound, vascular Doppler studies, transvaginal, transrectal obdominal ultra sound, and echo cardio graphy. A number of interventional procedures are routinely carried out which include operating room procedures and ultra sound guided nerve blocks.