Department of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

The word “Plastic” originated from Greek terminology “Plastikos” which means moulding. Today Plastic Surgery has a wide application and is not merely “a nose job” or a “face lift”.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is divided into the following sub-specialties all of which are offered at the ABC Hospital. General Plastic Surgery Cranio - Maxillofacial surgery, Aesthetic (cosmetic) Plastic Surgery, Micro Vascular and Hand Surgery, Head and Neck Reconstruction, Acute burns and Post Burn problems.

  • General Plastic Surgery
  • Cranio - Maxillofacial surgery
  • Aesthetic (cosmetic) Plastic Surgery
  • Micro Vascular and Hand Surgery
  • Head and Neck Reconstruction
  • Acute burns and Post Burn problems

It includes those surgical procedures employed to correct complex congenital (since birth) and acquired (post-trauma) deformities. Severely disfigured patients, either due to congenital abnormality or secondary to trauma can be given a great deal of benefit by Craniofacial operations. Common Craniofacial deformities that can be corrected are:

  • Facial Clefts
  • Facial Microsomia
  • Craniosynostoses
  • Mouth and jaw deformities
  • Craniofacial trauma (injuries)
  • Ear Reconstruction

Aesthetic (cosmetic) Plastic Surgery

The various cosmetic procedures that are performed are:

  • Scar Improvement Procedures
  • Rhinoplasty or “Nose Job”
  • Septo Rhinoplasty - Correction of deviated noses
  • Face Lift
  • Blephroplasty - Removal of wrinkles from the upper/lower eyelids
  • Brow Lift
  • Breast Reduction/ Breast Augmentation
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Hair Transplant - Micro Follicular Unit Method

Micro Vascular & Hand Surgery

Micro Vascular surgery is a sub specialty performed with the aid of a microscope on structures that are barely visible to the naked eye. This sub specialty mainly deals with “Replantations” (reattaching severed parts of the limb). For a successful Replantation, preservation of the amputated part is important. The amputated part should be preserved DRY in a DRY polythylene bag. This bag should be immersed in a mixture of ice and cold water and should reach the proper centre in few hrs / Earliest.