Department of Oncology

  • The department of oncology in our hospital centre to the end of patients with cancer across all socio economic strata. Currently the division of surgical and medical oncology offer world class care to patient with cancer.
  • Our theatre and ICU setting forms an ideal support team in which complex cancer surgical procedure like pancreatico- duodenectomy, Transthoracic, esophagectomy, advanced gynecologic oncologic procedures have been performed.
  • Also chemotherapy has been administered to many patients including adjuvant and palliative treatments. Due to our excellent support system complex chemotheraphy regimens including bleomycin- cisplatin regimens and monoclonal antibiotics have been regularly administered.
  • The basic requirements for major quality oncology work is the presence of adequate medical and surgical knowledge and ability to carry out complex treatment regimes. Also due to complex nature of the disease itself, a multi- disciplinary approach is required in most instances.
  • Due to availability of technical equipments and expertise, our hospitals can boost itself of carrying world class oncology work, as per with international centres of repute.