Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Women's health centre:

Modern obstetric and gynaecological practice requires not only access to a variety sophisticated equipments but also the need to collaborate with experts from other specialties in order to provide comprehensive health care to women. We have a comprehensive Women's health unit which caters to the entire spectrum of women's healthcare needs.

Apart from the routine Antenatal and Gynaecological outpatient clinic, our special features are:

  • Male and female infertility clinic with facilities for infertility-related endoscopic surgeries and Artificial insemination with husband and Donor Semen.
  • High risk pregnancy care unit to handle all obstetric, medical and surgical complications during pregnancy with multispeciality expert inputs from Cardiologist, Nephrologist, Epileptologist, Neurologist, Gastro Enterologist, General Physician and General Surgeon who are available round the clock.
  • Obstetric intensive care unit with round the clock anesthesia, critical care, cardiac and dialysis units with satellite blood bank to handle any emergency during pregnancy and delivery.
  • 24 hour well equipped labour room electronic material and fetal monitors.
  • Facilities for painless labour and 24 hours emergency operation theatre. New born Intensive Care Unit.
  • Government approved family planning centre with facilities for laparoscopic sterilization.
  • State - of - the art ultra sound scan with Doppler facility.
  • Adolescent and Menopause clinics.
  • Urogynaecology
  • Cancer screening and surgeries for Breast, Uterine and Ovarian cancers by experienced cancer surgeon.
  • A complete range of advanced Video Laparoscopic surgeries, with which it is possible to remove large ovarian cysts, fibroids, the diseased uterus, ovaries and other organs through very small “Key hole” incisions. This facility helps patients go home within a day or two, with minimum pain maximum comfort.
  • Video Hysteroscopic surgeries. To remove small growths like polyps, lost (or) missing copper T, to take biopsies incase of suspected cancer of the uterus and remove fibroids.
  • The modern operation theatres equipped with modern state - of - the -n are anesthetic machines and patient monitoring systems with highly qualified Anaesthesia and Nursing personnel available to ensure adequate safely to high risk patients with complications like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease etc.