Department of Neuro Surgery

Neuro SurgeryThe rapidly evolving science, resting on unparalleled scientific foundation has explored the frontiers of medical efforts to alleviate human suffering.

The neurosurgical outcome of a morbid process has been refocused from the concept of an alive individual to restoration of quality of life, in the present scenario. This has been possible due to rapid and explosive advances in all areas of neurosciences, especially Neuroradiology and more precise neurosurgical techniques and instrumentations including operating microscope. The importance of each and every fiber and tissue of the brain and its adnexa has surfaced, in the outcome profile of patients, by the advent of microsurgical techniques.

In the most rudimentary sense, the optimization of craniospinal surgery may be viewed as accomplishing a task or achieving a corrective and point while creating no harm or undue cost in attaining the goal.

Neurosurgery in its global view point has lost its uniqueness as a super speciality and at present, is a blend of various vibrant subspecialties.

The Brain & Spine clinic, Department of Neurosurgery at ABC Hospital, Tiruchirapalli, has succeeded in the venture of meeting the aforesaid global standards, with inherent technical expertise, infrastructure and team approach. The department is equipped with a unique, state of the art microscope - Carl Ziess OPMI Vario/S88 Electromagnetic System.

The salient features of various sub specialties are

Neuro - Traumatology

  • Advanced head and spine injury management
  • Round the clock full time neurosurgical availability
  • Comprehensive polytrauma primary survey
  • Life support ambulance services with inbuilt ventilator
  • Accessible Neuroimaging

Spine Surgery

Spine SurgeryEvidence based management of all types of spine injuries, degenerative disorders such as disc prolapse, spondylosis, canal stenosis, listhesis, congenital malformations such as craniovertebral junction anomalies, spinal dysraphism, and tethered cord syndrome, Syringomyelia, Inflammatory diseases like Pott's spine and Spinal cord tumors.

Neurosurgical and Orthopedic co-management with Dr. A. Saravanan MS (Ortho) FIA

Microscopic Spine Surgery

Microscopic Spine Surgery

C-arm guided safe & efficient spine instrumentation.

Craniofacial Surgery

Sate of the art cranio - facial reconstructive surgery along with Faciomaxillary Surgeon Dr. K. Uma Shankar MS M.Ch

Neuro Oncology

Micro Neurosurgery for all types of brain, orbital and spine tumors.

Skull Base Surgery

Skull Base SurgeryMicrosurgical approach for skull base tumors including pituitary and CP angle tumors.

Microscopic repair of CSF leak.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Appropriate management of hydrocephalus, childhood tumors, spinal dysraphisms and other congenital anomalies, infections such as brain abscess.

Neonatal ICU with dedicated pediatric ventilator.

Cerebrovascular Surgery / Stroke Surgery

Microsurgery for ancurysms and arteriovenous malformations.

Preventive & Palliative stroke surgery.

Cerebrovascular Surgery / Stroke Surgery

Functional Neurosurgery

Comprehensive management for craniofacial pain syndromes such as trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm & Spasticity.

Near future epilepsy surgery.

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Coordinated management of nerve plexus and peripheral nerve lesions with Plastic surgery, Orthopedic surgery and Neurology colleagues.

Micro Neurosurgery

1. Minimally invasive procedure

2. Detailed resolution at an appropriate magnification and illumination

3. Reduced brain retraction to approach aneurysms or other deep lesions

4. Preservation of vital perforating vessels near ancurysms or tumors

5. Precise dissection of lesions from the brain, spinal cord, or cranial nerves with decreased trauma to these structures

6. Delivers substantially higher illumination and magnification than standard headlights and loupes

7. Assistants & operating room personnel can observe the procedures on video monitors without interference

8. Variability in the axis of view and degree of magnification allows its use in various neurosurgical procedures

9. Microscope suspension system permits access in a variety of patient positions, it easy to manipulate, and maintains operative field sterility

10. Ease of adjustments to accommodate the surgeon's physique & reduces fatigue during long operations

11. Overall cost effectiveness

  • Reduced operation room time
  • Target pathology maximally dealt
  • Complications significantly avoided

12. Unique Features of ABC's Operating Microscope - Carl Zeiss Opmi Vario / S88 System

  • World class microscope imported from Germany Legendary excellent optics and the new apochromatic design delivers extraordinary image quality, improved resolutions and incredible color fidelity
  • Integrated Superlux 180 Xenon light source ensures even the finest details brilliantly visible, by providing daylight illumination

Neuro Rehabilitation

Early effective nutritional support to meet the required calculated caloric needs including percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy for selective patients.

All patients provided with alpha pneumatic beds to minimize pressure sores.

Continual physical rehabilitation and domiciliary support by Physiotherapist.