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Laboratory Services (NABL Accredited)

Laboratory Services (NABL Accredited)

Modern laboratory equipped with latest diagnostic Equipments and skilled Technicians working round the clock with the objective of “Accuracy of result & quick Reporting”. Diagnostic Technology is advancing every day and we are determined to keep pace with it.

Sub Departments

Biochemistry - Fully automated Biochemistry analyzer, Blood Gas Analyzer with special parameters like Lactate, Ionic calcium Co-oxymetry, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) assay system to (analyse HBA1C), Automated Urine analyser.

Heamatology - 5 part differential system ., Stago coagulation profile analyzer and automated ESR analyzer.

Immunology - Automated Immuno analyser (Roche 411) Electro Chemi Luminescence Technology.

Microbiology - Fully automated microbiology systems with Rapid Sterile fluid cultures, automated organism identification (ID), MIC - based Antibiograms and Automated Gram Stainer; A dedicated division for mycology.