Department of General Medicine

Department of Medicine comprises of health care Professionals ranging from Physicians to Class IV areas in ABC Hospital it remains the GATE WAY to all other department.

Internal Medicine Department Primarily deals with all medical conditions, particularly all infections from (Rampagine ,Dengue, to simple common cold) the approach to infection is based on a mixture of international guidelines and Practical knowledge which delivered favorable disease continuously for the past one year.

Infections ranging from all sorts of virus including Viral Haemarrhagic Fever ,Rickettsial infection , all Pyogenic infection , has been tackled successfully with a support of all other departments.

The only motto of the Hospital in the treatment of infection has been early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Department of Medicine has seen number of Diabetic patients and a package has been provided to identify the status of Diabetic control and the potential complication Head to Toe. This has helped in reducing the Morbidity rate of Diabetes and Complication in our hospital.

Hypertension Clinics , an other significant slow killer of the Indian Public has been conducted approached based on very recent updates.

All miscellaneous disease related to medicines including Connective Tissue disorders, Haematological disorders ,Cancer disorders and Musculo Skeletal /Endocrine abnormalities have been deducted early and has been treated with a aid of prospective departments.

One of the identities of Internal Medicine has been Health Check up –Schemes:

  • Basic Health Check up
  • Standard Health Check up
  • Master Health Check up
  • Grand Master Health Check up
  • Diabetic Check up
  • Comprehensive Heart Check
  • Women Health Check-I
  • Women Health Check-II

It has been performed regularly and the hospital proud to say it has attract public and Corporate alike prove its results.

The team consists of

Dr.SHEIK ALLAUDIN.M.D.(General medicine)

Dr.V.RAJENDRAN. M.D.(General medicine)

Dr.K.SARAVANAN M.D.(General medicine)

Dr.V.SUNDARRAJ M.D.(General medicine)

In an Nutshell Department of Internal Medicine remains the GATE WAY TO ABC HOSPITAL.

Details for Contact:

Appointment 0431-4077111

Emergency 0431-2751111,9443351111

Health check up 0431- 2750238, 4077111, 9585542353