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Health Checkup Schemes

ABC Health Checkup Schemes

It is never too late to monitor your health.In the competitive world and adoption of new life style & dietary habits we undergo a lot of physical and mental strain & stress which only hasten our wear and tears, triggering a host of diseases.

ABC Hospital, a Center of excellence in many super specialities has come up with unique health check-up schemes to suit everybody.the health check-up helps to you to:

* Prevent the onset of certain diseases with no apparent signs or symptomes.

* Detect Diseases with no apparent signs or symptoms

* Go in for a prompt & timely treatment

* Choose a health life style

Our Health Checkup Packages

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Please take prior appointment
  • Ensure fasting for minimum 10 hours prior to Health Checkup
  • Report on empty stomach
  • Diabetic and Hypertensive drugs to be taken as usual
  • Bring earlier medical reports if any

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