Chairman's Desk

A humble beginning goes a long way...

Dr.A.M.Arun, ChairmanAssured Best Care Hospital, a front line superspeciality hospital for Emergency & Critical care, popularly known as ABC Hospital, continues its successful service offerings and has a decade-long evolving milestone in the heart of Tiruchchirappalli, a tier-2 city in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Since the hospital's humble beginning, it has come a long way. Today ABC Hospital provides a comprehensive range of tertiary and secondary care services and is a 100 bedded super specialty hospital renowned for Trauma and Critical Care with a state-of the art Infrastructure, experienced doctor professionals and trained medical and paramedical support staffs. The team is trained to give exemplary care to everyone, without discrimination.

From that very day in 2003 to this day, each foot we have put forward and each path we chose to tread have been with the support, courage and motivation of our team..

Our family have always shared responsibilities equally, celebrated every achievement and extended a firm helping hand at the time of crisis and overcome all the challenges during our journey till date.

We feel extremely gratified with the pace of growth and change. We wish to assure you that we remain deeply committed to our Vision, resolute in our pursuit of excellence. We constantly strive to excel and are committed to serving every individual who walks through the doors of our hospital.

We are proud of our achievements and excited about plans to continue the growth of our hospital. We are looking forward to further improvements and a continued commitment to provide the best care in health Care sector to our community.

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