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ABC HospitalAssured Best Care Hospital (ABC Hospital), is a Trichy based 100 bed hospital providing secondary and tertiary health care for the population since 2003. The hospital has won the trust of its clientele by its committed, round-the-clock service and patient-centric approach.

The hospital is an established referral centre for critical care, traumatology and organ transplantation. The hospital strives to provide modern health care at affordable costs and high safety standards.

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At some point in our lives, most of us will need to choose a hospital or a healthcare facility for ourselves or a loved one. But what factors influence our choices? A recent Gallup Poll Panel healthcare survey* gauged the impact 10 characteristics have on respondents' decisions. More than half of respondents indicated that a facility's expertise in a particular area and a facility's history of medical mistakes or errors would influence their decisions a great deal.

Our Department

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Welcome to our NEUROLOGY

Our Neurology deparment of Trustlife Hospital serves as the receiving point for the most seriously injured people from across the country and treats patients with brain and spine.

In addition to being a centre of excellence, the Neurology deparment aims to be an asset to national and international communities.

Welcome to our ORTHOPEDICS

It is important to start walking as soon as you can after your surgery. But you will need support for walking while your leg heals. Trustlife may be a good choice after a leg injury or surgery if you only need a little help with balance and stability.

Crutches are also useful when your leg is only a little weak or painful.

Welcome to our CARDIOLOGY

Cardiology department is served dedicately 24/7 and it is the only hospital of ABC Hospital where emergency angioplasty can be carried out round the clock.

Cardiology department is operated by a strong and dedicated team of 3 cardiologists, And they has more then 20 years of expericnce.

Welcome to our PULMONARY

More than 15 years ago, we pioneered the first hospitals in the nation to specialize in pulmonary treatment, so you can feel confident when your loved one is under our care.

Today, our expertise continues to be pulmonary disease management and providing quality treatment based on the latest protocols.

Welcome to our X-RAY

We have the high-quality x-ray machine and our technique is so much experienced. We delivered x-ray report within one hour.

After handover x-ray report we give initial advice of an experienced doctor and suggest related experienced doctor.

Our Experienced doctors